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Cancer & Artificial Intelligence
  • In cancer patients there can be tremendous variation in the types of cancer cells amongst various patients even if they are diagnosed with same type of cancer.
  • Artificial Intelligence helps it identify particular types of cell and also recommend the most effective treatment.
  • Earlier these methods were time consuming and often had restricted success results due to human error and limited human sight.
Why Artificial Intelligence cannot be ignored

In the field of Oncology, Artificial Intelligence technologies help in:

  • Detecting Tumours,
  • Diagnosing Cancer,
  • Generate Chemotherapy Treatment Recommendations,
  • Real time assessment of administered treatment, drug impact and optimisation of upcoming dosages.
  • Cancer burden in India has more than doubled in last 26 years.
  • As per ICMR data there were 14 lakh cancer patients in 2016 and this number is expected to increase.
  • The current medical infrastructure of the country is not ready to take on the rise of this fatal disease.
  • Unfortunately, 2/3 of cancer cases are diagnosed in advance stages.
  • Most of the time is lost in time consumed in diagnosis. Already lower accuracy rate of pathologists will get lower as number of patients will increase.

Detection & Accurate Diagnosis

The 02 pillars of Oncology Treatments are Detection & Accurate Diagnosis. The best of pathologists have 73.2% accuracy rate. Even if they are experienced they cannot take full advantage of the human visual system as AI can.

Role of Artificial Intelligence

AI aides both the pillars. AI in oncology helps hospitals Detect and enable pathologists to make accurate diagnosis. AI already has increased Accuracy level upwards of 90%.

When you upskill your current Pathologists to work with Artificial Intelligence Tools, they have a better chance of adopting to newer AI technologies in the healthcare sector.

Advantages of an upskilled Workforce

Your organization may be considering adopting an emerging AI technology / tool for specific diseases. An upskilled AI team will be easily able to:

  • Learn and adopt the technology faster.
  • Implement & leverage the AI technology in mainstream in a shorter time.
  • Reduced cost of On the Job learning.
  • Will be able to assess and differentiate amongst different technologies available in the healthcare sector.
  • Effectively work with AI as a team to achieve: Faster Detection & Accurate Diagnosis.

How Can SkillUp Technologies help you leverage Artificial Intelligence?

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