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Information Technology & Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is changing Information Technology sector. It has taken over traditional methods of computing and also changed the way the industry performs. It has a positive impact on how the IT sector works. Enormous Data Mining is already underway. This will be the leading expertise in the IT space of future. Drivers of AI in IT / ITES sector are:

  • Everything is now connected,
  • Computing is available to all and
  • Data is available in abundance.
Why Artificial Intelligence cannot be ignored
  • Build More Secured Systems: Government and private organizations store tons of customer, strategic and other forms of data that need to be secured at all times. Through the use of algorithms Artificial Intelligence provides the necessary security. The use of advanced algorithms helps identify potential threats and data breaches, while also providing the necessary provisions and solutions to avoid such loopholes.
  • Improved Productivity: Artificial Intelligence uses a series of algorithms that are applied directly to aid programmers. Artificial Intelligence has been developed to provide suggestions for coding purposes, which increase efficiency, enhance productivity and provide clean, bug-free code for developers. AI provides useful suggestions that improve the productivity and help to cut downtime during the production stage.
  • Other Areas include: Automating Processes, Application Deployment, Quality Assurance and Server Optimisation.
  • Severe restrictions to transfer real time data, specially across the international borders.
  • Governments have sharply increased “Data Localisation” measures requiring information to be held within the country.
  • Exporting data of individuals is heavily restricted due to privacy concerns.
  • As the demand for disruptive technology (read AI) grows shortage of skilled IT workforce is posing a great challenge.


Disruptive Technologies like AI are opening abundance of new opportunities in the $167 BI IT/ITES industry that employs 4 million professionals. Reskilling and Upskilling of 50% of the IT/ITES workforce has become indispensable. The industry is likely to grow at 10% this year and will have to serve across: AI, IoT, Augmented Reality, ML, Robotics Automation and 3D printing. IT / ITES sector is one of the 12 champion sectors for Artificial Intelligence is being given prime importance.

“The demand and supply gap for AI and related skills is quite significant. The industry will face shortage of 230,000 skilled techie jobs in AI and 780,000 jobs in Big Data by 2021”, According to NASSCOM, IT-ITeS Skills sector council chief executive Amit Agarwal.
He further adds the reskilling of the current IT workforce for new emerging jobs is of prime importance today.

  • Ever heard of these jobs that are likely to come very soon?
    • Man Machine Teaming Manager
    • Data Detective
    • AI Business Development Manager
  • Is your workforce upskilled and ready for the re-assignments?

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